Rental Lease Agreement
Rental Lease Agreement
Rental Lease Agreement





A residential lease agreement is the most widely and most commonly used lease agreement in the real estate market. It allows a landlord (person who owns property) to charge a tenant (person renting property) monthly rent on the basis that the tenant will be allowed to occupy the property. The most common term is 12 months and both the landlord and tenant are bound to the end of the term meaning they both cannot cancel the lease unless they mutually agree.


If the tenant does not pay rent in the time-frame or due date where they were supposed to pay, not only can the landlord evict the tenant, but also chase them for rent past due but also the rent due in the upcoming months. The landlord can also evict you not only for not paying rent, but also if you violate any part of the residential lease agreement. Other than paying rent, you can be evicted for: having pets (when not authorized to do so), extra guests, damage to the property, or any number of terms that the tenant may break in the agreement. Most of the time the tenant will have a certain amount of days to "cure" the issue, and if it is not met, most certainly you will be faced with an eviction notice.



Did you know according to the National Association of Realtors there were more leases broken in 2008 than at any other time in U.S history? Why? If a tenant loses their job, most of the time they will not have the money to pay the rent. Since most people that rent are unmarried, they do not have another income or savings to fall back onto.

As a tenant you are allowed to break a rental lease agreement if the landlord fails to meet the obligations of the terms. For Example, if it states in the document that the landlord must keep up with all fixtures including: dishwasher, washer, dryer, roof, etc. and the landlord fails to repair the said items then the tenant has the option to break the lease by submitting a certified letter with return receipt to the landlord (needed for court documents to show proof the landlord was notified).


Filling out one of our residential lease agreements is easier than you think! We provide all our agreements in a fill in the blanks format compatible with Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word. The agreements are fully customized and if you would like to see a video on how to fill out a residential lease agreement.

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