Rental Lease Agreement
Rental Lease Agreement

A Lease is a legal document between someone who owns property ("Landlord") and agrees to allow someone else to occupy the property ("Tenant") for rent in monthly installments.

Do I need a Lawyer to make a Rental Lease Agreement?

No, you do not need an attorney.

Do I file my Rental Lease Agreement with the Government?

No, but it should be kept in a safe place for you to access at anytime.

How do I Cancel a Rental Lease Agreement?

    Standard Lease Agreement

  • In a Standard Lease you are bound by the terms (usually 12 months), but you should communicate verbally or in writing with your Landlord.

    Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

  • In a typical Month to Month Lease Agreement you need to give your Landlord 30 days written notice of your intentions of leaving.

    Sub-Lease Agreement

    • In a Sub-Lease Agreement you are bound by the terms, but you should communicate verbally or in writing with your Landlord.

What Disclosures Do I Need?

Every State has their own disclosure forms you must attach to your Lease Agreement, with our Lease Agreements, we give you every form you need.

How Many Days After My Lease Ends Do I Get My Security Deposit?

Every State has their own rules as when your Landlord must return your Security Deposit.

Can I Be Evicted Even If I Am Paying Rent?

Yes, if you violate any part of your Lease Agreement you are subject to an eviction.



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