Rental Lease Agreement
Rental Lease Agreement
Rental Lease Agreement





A month to month lease agreement is the 2nd most common real estate agreement next to the residential lease agreement. A month to month lease agreement is different from the rest out there because there is no time limit on when the tenant must move out or stop paying rent. All that is needed is a 30-day notice by either party to change any of the terms of the lease. So, do not get too comfortable. If the Landlord decides at any point he wants to raise your rent you have thirty days to decide or you might be looking on craigslist for a new place to rent. Although it is not just the rent that he can change, it can be utilties, how many parking spots, guests length of stay, in other words, it can be anything the landlord decides.

At the same time, let's say the real estate market is not doing so well in your area. With a month to month lease agreement the Tenant can also change the terms of the lease with 30 days notice. So, this is a constant chess game for both parties because at any time the Landlord or Tenant can change the deal.

Believe it or not, most month to month lease agreements fif not start out that way. Often, they are started with a 12 month residential lease agreement and the tenant decides to stay but does not want to be bound by the term of one year. If the tenant has been paying rent on time during the course of the first lease, most often, the Landlord agrees to keep the same deal.


As stated above, the general rule for a month to month lease is thirty days when it comes to any of the terms of the agreement including eviction. Whether it is the landlord wanting to evict the tenant or vice versa, all that is allowed is 30 days. This is why if you have a family a month to month lease agreement is not recommended because typically if you have children you want to stay in the same area for schools or other institutions and it makes things allot easier knowing you will be at a certain place for a period of time.



If a month to month lease agreement is broken by the tenant for breaching the terms of the agreement, you will have thirty (30) days to vacate just as if the landlord wanted you evicted anyway. At the same time if it is broken by the landlord, you will have to grant them notice via certified mail, state the reasons, and vacate the premises within 30 days.


Filling out a month to month lease agreement is as easy as filling in the blanks and you can check out our step by step guide at How to Fill Out a Month to Month Lease Agreement.


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